Reader’s Reviews

Reader’s Reviews
Comment from a reader in Union City California… background unknown:

What an amazing book! I read 92 pages in one sitting, after it arrived in the mail.

I believe this to be the most useful book I’ve ever read on the subject of disaster preparedness. For once, I have a source of information that doesn’t require me to try and pass the Special Forces “Q” course at age 55.

And thank you for the easy reading format of the book, both in terms of the short paragraphs and the larger type. It is obvious that a great deal of thought was put into this book in all aspects.

Thank you!

(You may use this message for promotional purposes, as long as you don’t use my last name.)

Comment from a former high ranking military officer:

This man is a true American. The Authors made a deal with him to review our book. His statement to us was that if he thought “A Failure of Civility” was good, he’d answer so… if he thought otherwise, his answer would be silence. He has sent this out to the many Readers of his website.

I am not given to reviewing or recommending books to read. It’s simply not something I get into. However, today is an exception. A while back I was asked to look over a book, not to endorse it but merely to see what I thought and see if it was meaningful. After buying a copy it took me some time to get through it. Now, I’m not a fast reader but I found myself re-reading sections to ensure I understood what I had just read.

The title is “A failure Of Civility” by Mike Garand and Jack Lawson.

The title, for most who pay attention, should be self-evident as to the content; but that is where your assumptions need to end. As they state up front, you have to treat this book as if these two former Special Forces operatives had just parachuted into your neighborhood in order to teach you how to defend your area. That includes what you need to do to organize, protect, defend and defeat opposing forces that may try to overwhelm you and take what you have, up to and including your life.

Wow, that’s harsh, isn’t it? Of course, that doesn’t happen in America! Really? Talk to the 10’s of millions who just went through hurricane Sandy. Don’t forget Katrina; the Rodney King riots in the 1990’s, the Watts riots of the 1960’s; and so on. It would be nice to believe that everyone who comes into your area when the police are non-existent are there to help, but it just isn’t realistic. Looters, thieves, murders and rapists abound in such situations and many escape without ever being caught or punished.

The only hope “civil” people have is their own defense and that’s where this book begins. Without stealing the thunder, it teaches you how to approach neighbors to organize, how to train, how to fight and how to attack, as needed. Since it comes from military trained SF troops, expect it to be a bit brutal for some but from my humble experiences, it’s dead on accurate.

If you have struggled with how to approach building a defensive bastion against aggressors or how to convoy yourselves and others from one location to another or even what to take and run with in really bad situations, this is a book you don’t want to miss. Compared to many others on the market, this one is gut level real and enters into a world few have the will to enter. It will remain a constant reference in my library for what I fear will come to us all.

You can order your copy at: While not cheap, they are worth every penny in preparing us for the worst of human actions. Good luck.

Comment from a well known United States firearms accessory executive:

I could find no better time than today to finish your book. It’s our holiday of Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) and no time set aside for “self-reflection” should leave out survival.

The book is one easy read that requires only common sense to see its value. My guess is that only those with a measure of common sense will be purchasing it anyway.

When would be a good time to get in touch with you and at what number? It doesn’t have to be today. There are more positives that I would like to compliment you on, but my bent fingers won’t hold up to the strain of the keyboard.

Comment from a major corporate attorney and Constitutionalist website host:

Thanks for your call.

To recap, I think your work is very timely, well written, and well-edited. It deserves a larger audience.

Your article “The Diary of John Q. Citizen” is spot-on. I look forward to publishing it, both as a standalone article and a springboard for your book.

Thanks to you and your partner-in-writing for the hard work that you have done. Your book will save lives.

Comment from one of the most prominent ‘Use of Deadly Force’ trial attorneys in the United States:

Holey Moley! I started to look through the content. EXTREMELY interesting and useful! I think this book is going to sell! Congratulations!

While protecting your work product, but dropping a hint at what kind of an amazing book was coming down the pike soon, “seasoned ‘special ops types’ explaining how to defend your neighborhood if all hell breaks loose,” I’m getting a lot of “When’s it coming out? I’ll buy it!!”

It’s a huge area of interest now that Wall Street experts are starting to predict a total collapse of our monetary system.

Comment posted on the website of a New York City Fireman who was featured on the program “Doomsday Preppers”:

Hello Everyone,

I received a book that is one of the best defensive books I have ever read. The book called A Failure of Civility: How To Defend & Protect You, Your Family, Friends, Neighborhood & America During A Disaster Or Crisis By Mike Grand & Jack Lawson

“A Failure of Civility” gives you the ‘how to’ in forming a Neighborhood Protection Plan that uses proactive military tactics and shooting techniques. With this plan you can maintain civility in your area and defend you, your family and America in cooperation with your neighbors. Special Ops Soldiers wrote this book.

Visit this website for more info on the book:

A note he emailed to the Authors’

Thanks for the book. This is the first time I’ve read a book that has so many tactical tips. I promoted your book on my group page. I will be doing the same on Facebook, if you don’t mind. Anyway, thanks again.