Condo Buying Guide


The process involved in buying a condo is different from that of purchasing a simple/single-family home. Sometimes it can come with a relatively higher or lower price than that of a family residence. They are also known for offering some special services such as tennis courts, pools, fitness centers, and visitors’ parking lots among others.

There are many factors, which need to be considered before making the final purchasing decision. Apart from offering a unique lifestyle, these units are also cheap to maintain. You should also know those condominium communities are different. The different communities have their association fees, amenities, management companies and community rules. The following are the important tips that can guide you when purchasing an Avia Condo.

Determine Whether the Unit is Fit for You

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This is one of the most important things that you need to consider when looking for a condo. You should always weigh the cons and pros of every unit or community. The proximity to the neighbours is one of the main differences between a simple family residence and a condo. Remember that you will have multiple neighbours who are attached to your residence. The maintenance fee including the association can also determine a certain unit is right for the buyer.

Units that require the residents to plant flowers or trim grass should be avoided. Most of the modern condos include snow removal, lawn maintenance as well as external maintenance.

Knowing What is Included in the Condo

A decent condo should have all the essential facilities. As a buyer, you should make sure that the unit has additional storage and reserved parking spots before purchasing a new unit. Individuals who don’t own cars can get some extra cash by leasing their parking spots to the flow community residents.

Hiring an Experienced, Reputable Real Estate Agent

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As it was mentioned earlier, purchasing/ selling a condominium is different from selling or buying a multi-family or single family residence, the purchases contracts for these units are different from those of other residences. For instance, buyers are expected to sign a contract that indicates that have clearly understood all the association’s regulations and rules. The hired agent will ensure that all the essential documents are provided. He or she will also take you through the buying process.

Knowing the Value of the Association Fees

Each resident is supposed to pay a monthly or annual fee, which is used for covering the common expenses such as maintenance and insurance. Well-run condo communities should be ready to share the financial statements to the potential purchasers. These statements can help the buyers in knowing how the fees are divided among members.