About This Book

Unlike any survival or self defense book you’ve ever read. The Ultimate ‘A to Z’ Survival Book. A primer for the untrained and knowledge for the trained in survival. How to organize your neighbors into a Neighborhood Protection Plan using military tactics and shooting techniques to prepare for disaster or civil unrest.
The ‘How To’ of protection for you, your family, your neighborhood, your community and America in time of disaster and civil unrest. $29.95 plus $4.95 S&H for Priority Mail.

A list Catastrophic Events and their characteristics that may happen and how you can be prepared for each of them.
What life will be like if A Failure of Civility occurs.
How to ‘Stand in Place’ in time of disaster or emergency.
Fire fighting and prevention in your area during disasters.
How to organize your area and your neighbors into a competent and cooperative defensive force.
How to form your Protective Perimeter against rioters and looters.
How to use military tactics to protect your suburban neighborhood, High Rise Building, Ranch, Farm or Small Community if violence occurs.
Techniques on combat marksmanship and how to survive a gun battle.
Improvised Security Systems and Improvised Weapons.
Convoy travel and Escape & Evasion techniques.
What you need to have to survive as an individual and as a group… Medical, hygiene and sanitation items, supplies and equipment.
Over 130 photographs, diagrams, forms, charts and checklists.
395 pages 8.5″ by 11″
Written in LARGE 14 point font for easy reading.
America was built on Self Dependence… this book reinvents that standard for America in an entertaining style!

In the spirit of President John F. Kennedy’s statement… “Ask not what your country can do for you! Ask what you can do for your country!”

Assist Local Government… but this book teaches you how to rely only on yourself and your neighbors in time of disaster. Be part of the solution… not part of the problem. Help keep America a country of strength by being Self Dependent and maintaining Civility in your area.

Written by veteran combat Special Ops Soldiers.